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  • What is SafeVU?
    SafeVU is a mobile safety application for iOS and Android smartphones. SafeVU users can use their cell phones to directly contact the Vanderbilt University Police Department.
  • What mobile devices can use SafeVU?
    iOS (Apple) and Android only.
  • Do I need to be a student or staff member to use SafeVU?
    SafeVU is open to students, faculty/staff, visitors and community members who would like to use it.
  • Why does SafeVU need my personal information?
    SafeVU has the ability to store your personal information in your profile. That way, if you call VUPD with SafeVU and are unable to speak; our communications officers can view your location, name, callback number, and any other information you choose to share. Your personal information is securely stored and will not be used other than when you activate SafeVU for an emergency call or iReport.
  • Do I have to put in a picture of myself?
    A picture is not required, but it might assist officers in an emergency.
  • Why use SafeVU over dialing 911 on my mobile phone?
    When you dial 911 on a mobile phone it directs you to the nearest public 911 call center. For Vanderbilt, that is the Metro Nashville Police Department. When you use SafeVU, your call goes directly to the VUPD Communications Center. This permits VUPD to target their response to the Vanderbilt community with a professional and timely police response.
  • What is iReport?
    iReport allows users the ability to report text, pictures, or videos to VUPD with your profile information or anonymously. With iReport, users can send non-emergency situations to VUPD like a suspicious person, illegally parked vehicle, safety hazard or a vandalism incident. You can also submit crime tips to VUPD anonymously.
  • Is SafeVU iReports really anonymous?
    VUPD cannot view a user’s information when they report an incident anonymously.
  • When will SafeVU track my phone?
    SafeVU will only obtain your GPS position from your phone when you activate the GET HELP button for emergency police response.
  • Can I send in pictures or videos?
    With the iReport feature you can submit these types of media for crime tips, to report crimes in progress and request assistance for other non-emergency incidents such as motor vehicle assistance.
  • How do I assign a person as my emergency contact in SafeVU?
    You can assign a person as your emergency contact during the initial setup or in your profile settings.
  • How much is SafeVU?
    SafeVU is free for all users regardless of Vanderbilt affiliation.
  • Does SafeVU work away from the Vanderbilt campus?
    SafeVU works when a user is away from the Vanderbilt campus. However, Vanderbilt can only respond to situations within their jurisdiction. For the quickest police response, use SafeVU while in and around the Vanderbilt campus area; call 911 for emergency police response anywhere else.
  • Does SafeVU work for the Vanderbilt Medical Center?
    SafeVU will work in and around the Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the 100 Oaks campus. VUPD will respond to these areas with a professional and timely police response.
  • If I have an issue with SafeVU, whom do I contact?
    If you have a question or comment about SafeVU you can email If you have a technical question or an error within the app you may also email
  • Can I access the Vandy Van information from SafeVU?
    Yes! You can see Vandy Van route information, GPS location, and estimated time of arrival from SafeVU!