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One Hundred Oaks Precinct


The One Hundred Oaks Precinct of the Vanderbilt University Police Department provides patrol services for the Vanderbilt Health facilities and retail stores located at One Hundred Oaks. The One Hundred Oaks precinct is led by Major Vivienne Irizarry.

The patrol officers assigned to the precinct provide first-level police services to our community. The patrol officers are responsible for providing round-the-clock preventive and suppressive patrols designed to minimize the occurrence of crime, to locate and apprehend criminal suspects, and to enforce traffic and other safety related laws and ordinances.

Leadership Team


Charles DeFrance


Vivienne Irizarry

As the Major of One Hundred Oaks Precinct. I am so excited to be a part of Vanderbilt Health at One Hundred Oaks.

At VUPD, our number one priority is safety for our staff, faculty, students, patients, and visitors.  I would also like to add another priority – that of SERVICE. We like to consider VUPD and Vanderbilt Health at One Hundred Oaks a partnership with the same goals – that of safety, security, and service.


J.J. Oakley

Lydell Reedy

Park Smart

The Vanderbilt Police Precinct at One Hundred Oaks is partnering with Metro Nashville Police in a Park Smart - Shop Smart campaign.

Roll up your windows
Lock your car
Take your keys
Do not leave anything of value visible in the passenger compartment of your vehicle

Do not leave your shopping cart unattended
Do not leave your purse in the cart
When unloading your shopping cart, be alert to your surroundings

Theft is a crime of opportunity. Do not give criminals an opportunity to take your valuables.