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Command Staff

August Washington

August Washington

Senior Associate Vice Chancellor
& Chief of Police


R. Burr

Rick Burr

Assistant Chief of Police



Davis Strange

Chief of Staff


C. DeFrance

Charles DeFrance

Director, Safety and Security for Vanderbilt Medical Center


J. Vanderpool

Johnny Vanderpool

Director, Emergency Preparedness


D. Radford

Dawn Radford

Assistant Director, Finance


Tiffany Fentress

Tiffany Fentress

Manager, Parking Services


V. Irizarry

Vivienne Irizarry

Major, One Hundred Oaks Precinct


Major Harville

Donnie Harville

Major, Campus Precinct



Randy Hunter

Major, Medical Center Precinct



Corwin Thomas

Major, Special Projects


H. Lanier

Horace Lanier, Jr.

Major, Special Operations Unit