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K9 Unit

The Vanderbilt University Police Department formed a dedicated K-9 Unit in June 2007.  These valued members of our team play a vital role in keeping our community safe by performing bomb sweeps prior to large functions at the University, such as athletic events and concerts.

We have three teams consisting of single purpose explosive detector canines. All teams are certified annually with the United States Police Canine Association.  Initial training is under the supervision of a United States Police Canine certified trainer provided by the  Metro Nashville Police K-9 section, with a minimum of fifty days initial training. K-9 teams must maintain 16 hours minimum monthly team maintenance training. Teams re-certify yearly with the United States Police Canine Association to demonstrate team proficiency as set forth by the USPCA. Teams also must pass a yearly U.S. ATF National Odor Recognition Examination to maintain eligibility for USPCA certification.

The explosive detector canine teams provide pre-event sweeps prior to any event deemed necessary by the university and/or VUPD.

Teams are utilized for suspicious package/vehicles and respond to any bomb threat location within Vanderbilt University.

Teams provide mutual aid assistance as needed to Metro Nashville Police Department and or surrounding agencies.

Harvey has been serving since May 2014

Dyno has been serving since Sept. 2017

Brutus has been serving since Sept. 2017


K-9 Officer Dyno and his handler, Lieutenant Jason Bates

 Bates and Dyno


 K-9 Officer Harvey and his handler, Sergeant Ray Stanard

Ray and Harvey


K-9 Officer Brutus and his handler, Sergeant John Oliver

oliver and brutus


K-9 Officer Gauge (Retired) 2007-2017

with his handler Lt. Jason Bates

Lt Bates and Retired K-9 Officer Gauge

K-9 Officer Kojack (Retired) 2007-2013

k-9 Officer Kojack Retired