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SafeVU is a mobile safety application for iOS and Android smartphones.  The app allows users to connect directly from their cell phones to the Vanderbilt University Police Department.

With SafeVU you can:
  • Contact VUPD for emergency services with two easy taps
  • Submit non-emergency reports to VUPD with text, photos, or videos
  • Submit information to VUPD anonymously
  • Assign contacts to monitor your safety at your request
  • Access information about Vandy Vans
  • View VUPD emergency guides
SafeVU is:
  • FREE
  • For iOS and Android
  • Available for anyone

Get Help


In an emergency situation, you can hit GET HELP and have the options of:

  • Call VUPD
  • Text VUPD
  • Call 911

Calling 911 goes to your nearest 911 Call Center.

The VUPD options go to the VUPD Communications Center and our Communications Officers will see your profile information and GPS location.

This means VUPD can provide quick and professional service to its community even in an emergency situation and the caller is unable to give their location.







Services and Guides


SafeVU allows you to request a safety escort from VUPD, view VUPD emergency guides, and make an iReport.  Use iReport to submit crime tips and report crimes, including text, photos, and/or videos.  You can even send VUPD information anonymously.


With SafeVU you can also:

  • Request a Safety Walking Escort
  • Submit an iReport
    • An iReport allows users to contact VUPD with text, photos, videos.  You can also submit information anonymously.
    • Emergency Guides
    1. Tornado
    2. Fire
    3. Active Shooter
    4. Medical Emergencies
    5. Shelter-in-place
    6. Emergency Evacuation
    7. Evacuation with Disabilities
    8. Severe Weather/Lightning
    9. Facility/Utility Outage
    10. Elevator Outage
    11. Security Emergencies
    12. Bomb Threat
    13. Suspicious Item
    14. Chemical Spill
    15. Hostage Situation
    16. Vanderbilt Emergency Contact Numbers